“Gay Christianity” Refuted!

Posted: May 24, 2012 in AOMIN, General
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For those who haven’t known, there was a presentation by a young man by the name of Matthew Vines along the lines of making an attempt at interpreting the Bible in such a way as to promote the idea that homosexuality is not a sin, and one can be a gay Christian. Suffice to say the presentation was entirely unconvincing and eisegetical, but it was done in a significantly more detailed way than many presentations or some of the rants against Christianity and the Bible.

Dr James White took the time (5 hours 9 minutes) to respond to every part of Matthew Vines’ presentation to show where the errors occur, while at the same time making a positive presentation of the biblical view of marriage and loving relationships!

Hope this is a help for everyone wanting to know more about this subject and the biblical position on it.

Here is the link :  http://www.aomin.org/aoblog/index.php?itemid=5086


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