Post-modern objections

Posted: July 16, 2013 in General
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A while ago, when I was at the airport, I was running some scenarios through my head of what possible objections people could use against the Christian worldview. I was bugged by the common appearance of the whole ‘well not everyone believes that!’ retort that I kept hearing [where “that” can be practically anything] – which in my mind is really just a lazy way of answering someones point without actually doing any work yourself! Not to mention how frankly meaningless to the conversation at hand it can be.

So I decided to write a little logical mind map of refutations and possible counters. This is still a work in progress as I think through a few more – may update this image in future! Contributions are also welcome, as are objections that people have heard but may not know how to respond!

So, here it is! You may need to click it to see it fully! Once you’ve read that, have a read here : Post-modern objections 2 & Apologetical method.


  1. SLIMJIM says:

    Should have commented here earlier, but you make a good point about the self-refuting nature when the Presuppositionalists simply just note that they disagree with the statement and the implied principle that if someone disagree with something therefore we can’t know it’s truth value.

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