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Enfield on Spotify!

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Worship (music)

I’m excited/happy because my favourite worship band ‘Enfield’ are now on spotify!! 😀

If you are looking for some old hymns re-done in a modern style, or just some excellent edifying songs, take a listen! No theological fluff found here!

The 1st resolved enfield hymn sessions:

Hopefully should be something in there musically for everyone, as a lot of the songs are quite different from each other style wise!

A friend of mine  who is a worship leader at the church I go to has an excellent few steps that he uses every time he creates a set list.

“GOD FOCUSSED: Not all about us and how great it is for our lives.

TRUTH FILLED: People remember songs so they need to be rammed with biblical truth- revelation that will lead to worship.

GOSPEL: Want to get the gospel out- there’s always gonna be a non-believer and as Christians we don’t ‘graduate from the Gospel’ it’s just as crucial as it was when we first heard it.

CHRISTIAN: Let’s sing about Jesus, we don’t want to sing songs just about love and niceness that a Muslim etc would be happy singing.

TRINITARIAN: We worship God, through Jesus, by the Spirit so lets get the full trinity into your lyrics.

INTIMACY- We can call him abba father. I guess this balances with God focussed to a certain extent for me (although it doesn’t have to) as God focussed often tends to lean toward transcendence. “

A good balance I think!

All credit to Tim Kendle for this one!